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B-BBEE Contributor

Turning the Tide on Disability Exclusion
This two-day course provides participants with a full understanding of disability and its inclusion in the workplace, economy as well as the social context

Course outcomes include

  • An understanding of strategic importance of integrating people with disabilities, the need for a sound Disability Employment Equity Policy and its continued application.
  • In-depth understanding of the Disability Integration processes,
  • Being able to use disability integrated processes that are efficient, effective and fair.
  • An in-depth understanding of defining people with disabilities, the categories and related processes such as discrimination and providing reasonable accommodation.
  • The use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills in relation to people with disabilities.
  • Understanding the need to identify barriers and addressing barriers to employment and/or retention or advancement of people with disabilities.
  • An understanding of the importance of the "Disability Job Evaluation Recruitment Instrument" and how to design and use this effectively in all HR processes.
  • Knowledge as to how to adequately prepare a team for the integration of disabled persons.

About your expert presenter

Lorna Fick is a Disability Consultant on the Integration of Disabled People. She has had extensive experience in all aspects of Disability Integration in the private and public sector domain and has assisted many employers and businesses to bring their Disability Strategy in line with best practices, required compliancy levels and overall improved balanced scorecard ratings.

Lorna founded NADIS (New Age Disability Integration Services) and is the Executive Member responsible for recruitment, awareness, audits and assessments, strategic input and workshop facilitation. On a strategic level, a variety of projects has been scoped and implemented successfully on a local or national level. Research input to Services Seta (EAP online workbook), DART, DPSA, PAIDS and the Thabo Mbeki Trust Fund has been rendered over the years. She works with the OSDP on fast tracking disabled persons to become recruitment specialist and business owners. She is IPSC accredited and a Fine Arts qualification. Lorna is a seasoned Facilitator.

Lorna is also the mother of, daughter of, sister to and niece to people with different disabilities – from physical, neurological to hearing impaired. Lorna herself has a condition known as Melkerson Rosenthal which is chronic and debilitating from time to time. As a known expert and personality she has appeared live on television and radio shows on behalf of the disabled community. Most recently an article quoting Lorna Fick was on the frontline header of the workplace section of the Sunday newspaper, Rapport, December 2007.  She has presented to the Parliamentary Committee on specific social issues, together with sectors such as AIDS and HIV, Safety, Woman and Children, Communities and Educators, and inspired various initiatives.