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EE Transformation Master Class
A five-module advanced training course aimed at giving Transformation Agents the insight, understanding and knowledge necessary to empower them to drive EE Transformation effectively in their organisations

Meaningful and effective transformation, which results in increased sustainability and profitability, eludes most organisations. Until recently, very few organisations appointed full time high level Transformation Agents. Academic institutions offer very little to properly prepare these agents for their task. The EE Master Class is aimed at addressing this gap and empowering Transformation Agents to achieve meaningful and effective transformation in their organisations.

Who should attend this master class?

  • BEE Managers/Directors
  • Transformation Managers/Directors
  • HR Managers/Directors
  • EE Managers


Day 1: Module 1 and 2

  • EE Numerical Goals and Target
  • Strategies to achieve EE Numerical Goals and Targets – Focus on Numbers

Day 2 and 3: Module 3

  • Talent Management

Day 4: Module 4

  • Strategies to sustain EE Numerical Goals and Targets
  • Creating an Optimal Working Environment

Day 5: Module 5

  • Management of your EE Transformation



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