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The Conducting of Meaningful EE Audits and Development of Effective EE Plans
Giving Transformation Agents the insight, understanding and knowledge to ensure that value-adding EE Audits are conducted and effective EE Plans are developed at their organisations

The obligation imposed on employers by the EE Act to conduct an analysis of its Employment Policies, Procedures, Practices and Working Environment, and to draw an EE Plan based thereon, presents a golden opportunities to Transformation Agents (Transformation Directors, Managers, EE Managers or HR Managers entrusted with EE) to mainstream EE into the organization and to effect real change.

Unfortunately, reviews conducted by the Director-General of the Department of Labour have shown conclusively that the vast majority of organizations do not comply with these provisions of the EE Act. Those that do comply, more often than not play lip service to it, ending up with meaningless EE Plans incapable of implementation.

This course is aimed at addressing this gap and empowering Transformation Agents so that they can ensure that EE Audits are conducted and EE Plans are developed that achieve real transformation in their organisations.


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