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Employment Equity
Our customised EE workshops have been run for hundreds of clients. These workshops, as well our templates, are refined continuously so as to ensure maximum benefit to our clients.

Employment Equity Compliance
The majority of designated employers do not comply with the EE Act’s EE Plan requirements. Eliminate your risk! Acquire one or more of our different EE Compliance Packages to assist you to comply fully with the EE Act and do your EE Reporting yourself.

EE Goal Setting

Equity Pro is a cutting edge software application, which assists employers with the setting of achievable EE Goals. Equity Pro facilitates the completion of the EEA2 and EEA4 for submission to the DoL. It is easy to use and aligned to the requirements of the EE Act,

EE Transformation
We provide high level, participatory consulting and facilitation services in the field of EE and related HR aspects. Our in-depth approach is based on our expert knowledge and many years of practical experience and application.

EES-SIYAKHA is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor
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Consulting and Facilitation Services
Turning Employment Equity Transformation to your Business Advantage

EES-SIYAKHA is the leading strategic Employment Equity Transformation consultancy in South Africa.

We empower our clients to achieve effective transformation by attaining equitable representation of suitably qualified persons (as required by the EE Act), whilst raising the level of Human Capital Management practice. This in turn contributes to an increase in organisational performance, sustainability and shareholder value.

Our thorough and in-depth approach is based on our expert knowledge of EE Transformation and Human Capital Best Practice, and many years of practical experience and application.

We focus on:
  • Setting up of EE Committees/Forums and EE Management Structures.
  • Assistance with D-G Reviews.
  • Development of a comprehensive EE Transformation Policy and Procedure.
  • Assistance in institutionalising the management of EE using specially designed Reporting Templates.
  • Training of EE Committees/Forums, EE Management Structures, Line Managers to get their buy-in, Staff: EE Awareness.
  • Facilitated EE Audits workshops of organisations' HR Policies, Procedures, Practices, in order to identify barriers to the advancement of persons from designated groups.
  • Facilitation of meaningful EE Plans.
  • Conducting of EE Audits to identify of gaps between existing and “Best” HR Practice, facilitated by high level HR Consultants.
  • EE Report Submission workshops to assist organisations to complete the EE Report correctly.
  • Risk Analysis in relation to both EE compliance and implementing EE strategically.
  • EXCO edification and understanding of the Business Case for strategic EE transformation.

We also offer:

  • A retainer service to assist companies on an ongoing basis with the management and facilitation of their EE Process.
  • Equity Pro, a unique software EE Goal setting and management application.
  • Facilitation of achievable EE Goals in line with BEE Targets and the requirements of the EE Act using Equity Pro.
  • Facilitation of an EE Goals Setting and Management Policy, setting out how EE Goals are to be set and managed.
  • Facilitation of Best EE Practice Strategies, inclusive of the scoping of the Project, Framework, Structures and Road Map.

Further Expertise:

Employers will require a diverse range of expertise to implement both EE and BEE effectively, which will ordinarily not be available in-house.

EES-SIYAKHA has identified the different fields of expertise that its clients may require for the effective implementation of EE and BEE and, through its highly competent network of experts, offers consulting services in each such field. We offer:

  • Diversity Management workshops aimed at enabling an organisation to deal effectively and strategically with diversity issues, and to position itself to take advantage of change and the diversity of its workforce.
  • Disability Access audits that provide detailed analysis of the disability access of any building, site, establishment, facility, etc. carried out with reference to all relevant legisation and guidelines.
  • Disability Equity workshops to help organisations use disability integrated processes that are efficient and fair, emphasizing the need for a sound Disability EE Policy.
  • Services, founded on a Best Practice approach, with regard to all specialist aspects of EE transformation, such as:
    • Change Management
    • HIV/Aids Management
    • Gender Mainstreaming/Awareness
    • Industrial Relations


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