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Quotes from EES-SIYAKHA clients and workshop delegates

"EES-SIYAKHA has done EE and Transformation projects for three of our companies: Smiths Plastics, Automould and Hesto Harnessess. The training and facilitation received by all managers and EE Committees have contributed in shaping our HR culture and improved our productivity. EES-SIYAKHA has assisted our companies in aligning our EE strategy to our BBBEE Strategy. As a result our companies have managed to meet our customers' BBBEE requirements. In light of the above and as part of our business strategy, our EXCO has taken a decision to retain EES-SIYAKHAto assist with the management of EE, BBBEE and Transformation projects."
Adv Sbu Ngcobo, HR Director


EES-SIYAKHA is a Level 2
B-BBEE Contributor

EE Compliance
EE Packages designed to ensure EE Reporting and EE Plan Compliance

The majority of designated employers do not presently comply with the EE Act’s EE Plan requirements and are at risk! (There is a difference between an EE Report and an EE Plan!)

YOU are at risk if you have not:

  • Allocated your employees correctly into the EEA9 Levels (most employers’ allocation is incorrect).
  • Consulted with a cross section of workforce representatives to identify barriers in each of the minimum of 20 employment policiesprocedures and practices required by the EE Act.
  • Developed an EE Plan based on such barrier identification, which complies fully with the many requirements of the EE Act.
  • Set EE Numerical Goals for each race and gender group that will result in the “equitable representation” of suitably qualified persons from designated groups.
  • Implemented your EE Plan.
  • Developed a successive EE Plan before expiry of your last EE Plan.

EES-SIYAKHA’s EE Compliance Packages

Package 1 – EE Reporting 
Aimed at empowering you to sort your employees correctly into EEA9 Levels, set complaint EE Numerical Goals and comply with the reporting requirements of the EE Act using a unique Software Tool, Equity Pro Report. No need any more for consultants!

Package 2 – Setting up of EE Structures and Process 
Ensuring that you put into place all the building blocks necessary for ensuring EE Compliance and effective monitoring and evaluation of your EE Process and EE Plan. This is the critical missing link in most organisations.

Package 3 – EE Compliance 
Includes Package 2 and is aimed at ensuring that you comply fully with all the requirements of the EE Act and negate the risk of a crippling fine.

Package 4 – EE Full Service 
A combination of Packages 1 and 3.

Packages 2 and 3 consists of a combination of templates, developed over 20 years of EE Consulting experience, and a consultation/facilitation service, made available to assist clients in ensuring that the templates are properly customised, completed and comply fully with all the requirements of the EE Act.

Employment Equity

We have run our customised, outcomes-based EE workshops for hundreds of clients. These workshops, as well our templates, are refined continuously to ensure maximum benefit to clients.

EE Goal Setting

Equity Pro is a cutting edge software application, which assists employers to set achievable EE Goals. Equity Pro facilitates the completion of the EEA2 and EEA4 for submission to the DoL.

EE Transformation

We provide high-level, participatory consulting and facilitation services. Our in-depth approach is based on our expert knowledge and many years of practical experience and application.

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